While I was taking photos on a night dive of the poor fish (in the Lionfishs mouth), the Lionfish used my focuslight to attack. But the fish survived - I guess it was to big a mouthfull for the Lionfish.

Nemo City

When the sun goes down the anemones close up.

Porcupine fish hiding.

Julien Stein: The fish whisperer

Brian Sarby

Charlotte Villadsen shooting Nemoes

May 2011. I got a 4 page article in the Danish/Swedish dive magazine DYK. Cover shot: Jesper Kjøller

December 2011. I got a 4 page article in the Norwegian dive magazine DYKKING. Cover shot: Lill Haugen

In November I was assisting Rasmus Dysted on a UW-photo course for six beginners in Egypt.
Camera used: Nikon D200 in Sea&Sea housing. Stropes Used: Two Sea&Sea YS110.  Lenses: Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye - NikonVR. 105mm Macro