Flabellina Nobilis crawling up on a hydroid to eat the flower on the top

Flabellina Nobilis eating the flower of a Hydroid

Tentacles on a Flabellina Nobilis

The recently discovered Lophodoris danielsseni

Flabellina pedata

Eubranchus Farrani on a kelp leaf

The two nudibranch scientists Jussi Evertsen and Torkild Bakken giving a lecture about their work studying the lives of Norwegian nudibranchs

Christian Skauge and Jussi Evertsen studying nudis under microscope

Limacia Clavigera posing on a kelp leaf

Sex between two Onchidoris muricata

Aegires punctilucens

Two Flabellina Lineata. Its always good to know what the nudis are eating to be able to find them easier

Christian Skauge having a bite for lunch

August 2013. I got the Cover shot and a 3 page article in the Danish dive magazine: Sportsdykkeren

January 2013.I got a 3 page article in the British dive magazine DIVER. Cover shot: John Bantin

July 2012. I got a 4 page article in the Norwegian dive magazine DYKKING. Cover shot: Wilke Reints

In march I was on assignment for the Norwegian Dive Magazine Dykking http://www.dykking.no/ covering the annual Nudibranch Safari held in Gulen north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. The event is arranged by Gulen Dive Center http://www.gulendykkesenter.no/index.php?lang=en and the award winning uw-photographer Christian Skauge http://www.undervannsfoto.no/

Camera: Nikon D300 in Sea&Sea housing. Twin YS110 Sea&Sea strobes. Lenses: Nikon 105mm macro, Nikon 60mm macro, Tokina 10-17mm FE. Extras 1,4 Kenko Teleconverter, SubSee +10 dioptre.