Maria in an unusual position - in the surface......and my first pictures taken - while I was freediving.

A wreck that has slipped into a cave.

My buddy John Mikrogiannakis examines a naval mine.

The stern of a wreck.

Ornate wrasses feasting on a sea urchin.

My dive guide Dimitris taking a sunbath in a small cave.

My buddy Roland Magnusson searching for macro objects.


The remains of a plane wreck.

On top: my crazy dive guide Skevos - underneath: a WWII bomb....

Because of Maria being preagnant we took a relaxing holiday in Greece. But I could not quite stay out of the blue water ;-) I had three great dives with Kalymnos diving club

Camera used: Nikon D300 in Sea&Sea housing. Flash: 2x YS110a. Lens: Tokina 10-17mm fisheye.